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 Worldwide Canine, Inc. is a full service K9 company that specializes in the training, utilization and purveyance of a variety of professional working dogs, including bomb dogs, drug dogs, police patrol dogs and dual purpose police dogs, personal and family protection dogs, both foreign and domestic.

We are at the forefront of dog training methodology using innovative techniques to develop stable, confident and productive working dogs.

Aside from dog sales we offer the following services:

  • Outside Dog Training - Obedience, Protection, Narcotic Detection, Explosive Detection, Patrol
  • K9 Detection Services (drugs, explosives)
  • K9 Handler Training
  • K9 Certification
  • Dog Boarding for large breeds
  • Rapid Response K9 Teams
  • K9 Security Contracts

Please call us or visit our website to set up an appointment for K9 services or visit our facility.


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